Together Towards

Vision 2030

Welcome Message From The Chairman

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers one of the most buoyant and successful markets in the world and has remained resilient to financial crisis benefiting from wise leadership that has total focus on the growth and success of this globally critical market.

The Almisehal Group (AMG) is ideally situated to be your value added partner in supporting you to capitalize on this successful market.

Our success lies in our flexibility, diversity and absolute focus which has contributed immensely to the growth of the Group. Throughout our history we have been successful in moving into new areas of success. On one hand, our diversity, and on the other hand our Group’s entrepreneurial spirit have led to its sustained success over the years and combined with excellent staff and partners, has resulted in a winning combination.

We constantly examine the market to identify new product and service areas to become involved in and try to be innovative by going after new ideas which are emerging in the international market. We have been successful in establishing joint ventures with some leading Blue-Chip partners, but equally we are comfortable in assisting a small start-up with an innovative solution or idea. Our main driver being that whatever my Group brings to the Kingdom, it must be a sound and deliverable one and must be for the benefit of the country and its people. Our reputation has been built through strong delivery and failure is not an option for us or our partners and we ensure total compliance to ethical standards and business practices. 

Our Group has always operated with the aim of enabling success for our partners and our projects. Please join us and share the success.

Yours Sincerely,

Group Chairman